New Skill Effects - Celestial Discharge, Automaton Ball Lightning, Transcendence Blade Vortex and Stygian Firestorm

Really GGG ? you nerf Ball Lightning, then you release MTX for it ?
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BFGjstVnQr wrote:
hyyyben wrote:
Jesus, how big of a baby are you.
For 90% of the playerbase, the game is a boring chore. Its the same every season. The same errors, the same mistakes..... the same same.

You rng your time hating the experience to get into the Acts at which point 10-15% of the playerbase had already left. Then you continue on and get into maps, at this point 25% have already left.

For the vast majority left playing, its just the same old tired road into red maps. Not endgame.

/harvest let time limited players, those with jobs and lives incrementally upgrade and many got to do various endgame for the first time.

Your elitist attitude is the very definition of whats wrong with this game.

Youre speaking like you got an entire community behind you, which isnt the case.
All i see is someone that struggles with the game - so watch youtube videoes, ZiggyD is good at explaining how the game mechanics works.
Releasing more mtx when the game is in its worse state great timing

GGG make for the best memers
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ZincGaming wrote:
Ringx wrote:
How over priced are these ones?

But seriously (I was serious), i am looking forward to the What went wrong with Heist manifesto and hearing you chris-splain to us how we are all playing the game wrong.

Just accept the fact that harvest has ruined the game, we cannot go back to this rng crappfest anymore.

bruh harvest was like drug we became addicted
and now we are in rehab and we dnt like it

TLDR -- [Dnt do drug kids or if u start dnt stop it :D]

Why is this so true?!
Firestorm looks impressive!

Seventh_Exile wrote:
I love these effects and all, but when can I throw my money on either a Celestial Divine Ire, or the Delirium (Black and White) version. You know, for that feel good enemy deletion feel.

this +1
Or a Stygian version for that true Kamehameha feel ;)
Freezing Pulse MTX PLEASE!! Stygian -- Celestial -- ETC. :)
Earthshatter MTX when ?

I have to say I absolutely love the new Blade Vortex MTX. So much so, I bought it but I have to say after using it that there is a sound that is extremely sharp on use. It varies but it really hurts my ears (may just be me) and honestly makes me not want to use it. Maybe this could be looked into but its pretty unpleasant after several hours.

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