New Skill Effects - Celestial Discharge, Automaton Ball Lightning, Transcendence Blade Vortex and Stygian Firestorm

GGG art team is the best great job!

GGG fun patch when?
GGG art team is the best great job!

GGG fun patch when?

so red very cool
At the end of the Discharge video, where they displayed the still images, both the Power Charge and Endurance Charge effects were shown but not the Frenzy Charge one, why wasn't that shown? Is it because nobody plays Frenzy Charge Discharge?
Big up to Jeff and the console team.
Please! fix crashes rogue instance!!!!
Aveks1337 wrote:
These look nice. But what about FIXING the league so we can all enjoy the game?

im enjoying the league quite much actuall
imagine if firestorm was actually playable? oh boy i would definately buy that
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
BFGjstVnQr wrote:
hyyyben wrote:
Jesus, how big of a baby are you.
For 90% of the playerbase, the game is a boring chore. Its the same every season. The same errors, the same mistakes..... the same same.

You rng your time hating the experience to get into the Acts at which point 10-15% of the playerbase had already left. Then you continue on and get into maps, at this point 25% have already left.

For the vast majority left playing, its just the same old tired road into red maps. Not endgame.

/harvest let time limited players, those with jobs and lives incrementally upgrade and many got to do various endgame for the first time.

Your elitist attitude is the very definition of whats wrong with this game.

i actually doubt the people that leave early on are even good at thee game or even care to get better during the level phases. I find most people that complain about maps and only maps barley play the rest of the content, like doing masters, delving, crafting for flips, trying the new skills, syndicate, beast crafting. the point is if your able to enjoy and master all those things in the first week along with (yes I'm aware of the bugs) heists, then I guess your just a god and poe is too casual. the reason a lot of players hate leveling is because a lot of them are actually kind of bad at the game and I'm not trolling either, what they hate is dying all the time because they dont know how to upgrade their gear or when to swap out gems. I knew some people who would complain over and over they were broke and hated mapping because they didn't get currency when in reality they dont know what to trade or whats really valuable. all n all I think it just comes down to game knowledge but I do agree repetitiveness can get annoying but there's just so much to do
hdprojektas wrote:
Nice GGG now kids can take their moms cards and buy mtx... You better fix your shitfest, but nooooooo you better make money

you know the artists are different people from the devs right? shithead
Schmockla wrote:
people actually playing this league ?

awe whats wrong cant meta craft everything?
Melkor25 wrote:
You better make posts regarding the crappy mess that the Heist is instead of focusing on voice acting, concept art, and of course your lovely MTX.

No one cares about those until the game itself is good, which is not good by all means at the moment!

games running great besides grand heists... the buggy follower AI is annoying but doesn't kill the game xD

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