New Skill Effects - Celestial Discharge, Automaton Ball Lightning, Transcendence Blade Vortex and Stygian Firestorm

damn the skill discharge effect is insane!
Nice GGG now kids can take their moms cards and buy mtx... You better fix your shitfest, but nooooooo you better make money
Effects look great - actually like the randomness of the Discharge effect best....on a side note can the players that have literally no supporter packs stop complaining about the game...especially when this is a post about the new skill cosmetics that GGG have produced...We all know there are few issues here and there in the game however please go post it on the appropriate forum if it concerns you that much.
Cant help but think the Stygian firestorm is a hit and miss, would of been a hell of a lot better if it was Stygian fire skulls raining down from the sky and not a weird looking skull that emanates from the ground when a blue fireball hits.

Also can we get a purple lightning effect for crackling lance, arc looks mad as purple lightning i believe crackling will also.
Last edited by GrimmHold on Sep 28, 2020, 6:31:51 AM
So i did second grand heist after all fixing you did AND my postal disappeared after first wing once again.
Looking forward for ice shot mtx
Here's a skill skin for Ball Lightning! Pay no attention to the fact we nerfed it 20% and destroyed its' aoe. Enjoy!
SSF, because Path of Trade RMTers and bots suck.
stygian firestorm is great !!!

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