3.12.2 Patch Notes

instance server in some realms are broken
This... Instance servers are definitely broken in some realms.
still crash in grand heist after 3.12.2 Patch
Getting "Unexpected disconnections" in 2 out of 4 Heists, i've never gotten this disconnections ever before.

Also +1 to instances being fucked up
Was playing t1-5 maps trying to level my character. Picked some contracts and planned to do them a bit later on. Thank god I did everything before this patch...

I just got my hands on Heist mechanics and the juicy contracts that I've gathered during mapping.
Didn't have that many problems with crashes whatsoever. Anyway, here I am playing heists and it feels really rewarding in terms of loot. Yeah, the XP sucks but the loot is so damn satisfying. I am able to open almost each and every chest. Sometimes I had to get back and try to think of a way of how to open the maximum number of chests, then get back to the main reward, etc. You know, it was not that broken in terms of loot, at least for me. I got myself so many fancy things and the glorious chaos orbs, of course.
Then this patch notes came up... now I cannot open more than 4 chests without getting my alert level to the maximum. I can either open 1-2 small chests and 1 big one or 2 big ones and that's it :D

I guess I'm back to maps again, well "nerfed" GGG.
Grand Heist portals STILL broken.
"Fixed a bug where, when returning to The Rogue Harbour from a Heist area, you could be placed in a Rogue Harbour instance that did not contain the portal to your Heist area."

This is still happening on Singapore realm
waited a week to do a GH and finally after thinking they were playable i do one, to crash 45 seconds into it. GGG is truly falling off as a top game dev and hard
lul, why you waiting to page 5 and then start blame GGG, you can do it on first, with this patch they did game more worst. Dnt spam pogs before you try it yourself
This league is literally the largest waste of time I have spent on this game... and I even played Synthesis, which was a brainbuster of bugs...

Even when Oriath was introduced and the ENTIRE GAME changed it was smoother than this, and this is just a single LEAGUE.

GGG are you even trying anymore?

We all deserve a free armor set of MTX for even having to go through this crap.
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