3.12.2 Patch Notes

Cool! cant wait to try
I seem to still be getting alert level when killing monsters?
IGN : Reamus
The crashes during heist was not fixed still crashing mid heist.
ok so DLed a new game few days ago to start the new league, why the hell am I doing it again just 3 days later, am I going to have to do this crap every week to play this
Crashed in the middle of heist while using dash still. Lost all 4 wings of a grand heist feels really good.
> Be me.

> Spend a few ex min-maxing heist gear before the patch to prepare.

> Before the patch, I could run full maps and loot everything 80% of the time. Way too overpowered.

> Have Demolition 5 lvl 83 contract -> Vinderi :(

> Loot 3 small chests on the main path

> Alert bar 70%. WUT?

> See you boys next league

Also, the game is crashing way more than it did during the first day of Heist.

Yet again GGG, you're completely disconnected from your players.

I'm not saying it shouldn't have changed. It was too OP. Now it's just not worth doing anymore.

At this point we're basically beta testing a game... Mind telling us the *ACTUAL* release date? thx :)
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based, hopefully things will be amazing now, I really like the core of the league, despite its hiccups.
//go next
I understand adjusting the threat level for chests but cmon...seriously? I feel like it's a tad over tuned. Every ally except Nenet and Tullina are now completely irrelevant and useless with the changes. (Gianna is only exception because of blueprint reveal stuff). Then again, most of them are pretty useless before patch but more so now. Guess time to craft ally gear with + seconds to lockdown timer instead. smh
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Hey guys, we heard your feedback and killed the part where killing mobs increases your alert level, since it seems silly that eliminating people would get you noticed.

But we also have these fun watcher totems that are impossible to avoid and don't stand out, are extremely resistant to damage, and increase your alert level by a far greater amount.

Enjoy the fix!

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