3.12.2 Patch Notes

i hope flame dash and the other one will fix game self closing without error..
great work guys, loving the league so far, i just hope all the fixes don't break more stuff than they solve
I wonder if the flame dash fix was related to the Nightfall MTX or not...
Looks like som nice bugfixing you have been doing.

Good work and nice effort guys, i enjoy the Heist! (:
Vermyn wrote:
Fixed, fixed, fixed... we WILL see if it's really fixed. So far this league should be called Standard, cause league mechanic was unplayable.

LOL this.
Hey I just want to leave a comment expressing interest for a stash tab sale. It didn't coincide with league launch this time around
Great to see! Lots of needed fixes and hoping it all pans out, mainly the Grand Heist fixes. Maybe league will be saved?
Any news on this?

thx , nice
Got around 100 one shots from this Knight Lance attack already. I hope this is fixed now, it is just unplayable.

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