3.12.2 Patch Notes

rubbish update lol
no reasons to play heist now
heist is just boring , garbage loots from heist
why ever bother to run grand heist ~at least 50c per run with garbage loot return
why do you keep screwing with heist? now its dog shit again...i can barely loot stuff now because my alert level is over 50% before i get to the end. You nerf the mobs so dont they dont 1 shot you anymore, great! But now the loot is so shit you, why bother going in when you loot 1 or 2 chests and have to run???
Congratulations GGG,

Dear GGG, you literally changed the meaning of Heist to "oh please come in help yourself, we have been waiting for you, everything is for f*beep*ing free!" just because some whiney b*beep*es can't play their 10000 bilion DPS builds and dictate the economy course. You might as well put those Unique Items for sale to NPC for 5 chaos , so everyone can enjoy them from the get go. Not just the crying babies. In the end they will end up even cheaper than that. There you go economy fixed , trade fixed, no need for an Action House.

The mechanics were wonderful, the alert levels were good from the start, you planned an amazing League! You had it all right from the start. Why did you have to remove it...

Let them plan a Heist and use their brains create a build that can do a heist as best as they can do. But i guess they used their brains to make you dance to their music , and i humbly ask myself ... how could you ? - A big round of applause for that , to those brains that have come up with such a plan it is soooo much easier... why didn't i ever think of that ( see the answer below )!

Please , kindy let's get this straight, as i value rationality more than anything else:

1) Definition:

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: a heist is a grand, high-end theft from an institution such as a bank or a museum, or any theft in which there is a large haul of loot.

This has turned into: a heist is an easy , large present/s.

2) The Heist should remain a heist

As far as killing things always leaves traces, no matter what you do so this should raise the alert levels. Traps are made to be deadly.
Alarms should be Alarms. Lockdowns should be lockdownds. Deal with it exile!

Because in the wonderful horrific world ( not just one world .. right ??? ) of magic and blades and ... necromancy , etc, etc, etc... (so many etcs because i have not yet discovered them , just like many, many and many others) there most likely are a better ways to supervise valuables. To have better alarms than in the world of electronics as we have today . Because as far as i know Wraeclast doesn't just have technology by far surpassing what we have today , but in Path of Exile just like in life , you can't have everything ( and you shouldn't be having everything ... or else .. what's the point ? might as well kill yourself because of boredom, but you wouldn't be able to kill yourself as you have everything , even immortality ).

So please don't dance to a few whiney childish , juvenile , puerile spoiled brats tune. They should be ashamed of themselves as if they want something they should work for it and not go to mommy or Chris and cry that they want something RIGHT NOW!! Or else they are going to cry and throw a tantrum ...

I love how ZiggyD only complained about bugs that needs fixes, while most of others just can't cope with their Harvest builds being useless in Heist.
I also love how he actually tried to motivate players to enjoy the league as it would bring more joy and satisfaction in the long run than : here , this loot was waiting for you and it's for free. Well ... thank you Heist we have already reached end game for this league and got everything possible in the 1st few days. See you in the next league.

So cheers to those milions who never complained and just enjoyed, you guys are what makes the game as it is today... this is not a good thing.

Still sane, Exile?

Stay safe.
I'm still losing my Grand Heist portal between wings... Just add a stash ffs
The last line on the patch is one I'm hopeful for - crash fixes. If that one isn't fixed soon everything else in that patch doesn't matter really.
This update is very bad,the normal map is richer than the heist :)
I hope the CE on PS4 are mostly fixed.. Heist us unplayable... 2 of 3 heißt end in a CE and waste of time, lost of loot.. Just frustrating.
Some friends not won't play anymore at this time...

But good work so far!
Nothing has changed with this patch still blue screen constantly in heist and normal gameplay. I wish they'd just just come out and say that console is not able to play the game and allow transfer of microtransactions to pc.
after this update acquisition dont work
Still havent Fix the Bug where Portals dont spawn when zoning into a grand Heist. Youve got me multiple times with it among other bugs. Doesnt really matter, ive already quit the league. really disappointed in the Serious lack of quality control. maybe see you again in 2021. GL

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