3.12.2 Patch Notes

no fix and love for crackling lance :( (looking at useless intensify support gem)
pls remove all patch nerf´s so far and fix only crash bugs and co....

the version 3.12.1 was great so far a really funny and good alternative to " boring" maping!

a new good thing in my mind.

and pls do not nerf some heist member´s in ground, better push the weaker char´s for heist adventures!

annnd what the hell is :+1 level at heist member eq ?

can you explain or correct it for us all ?
Well the nerf is kind of expected, it's GGG we're dealing with here. I would advise NOT to do grand heists ATM as they are a crash fest, I just lost a f-ton of loot and time.
brain nerfd stupid patch goblok tolol. leage useless
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"Rebalanced the amount of Alert Level that Reward Room and Main Path Chests generate when opened." Ahh now i see what made heist trash.
small chests now generate the same alert as reward room chests. great guys. just as it should be! well kinda not. it's honestly dumb.
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
Anomalous Faster Projectiles not fixed yet?
I really enjoyed those 8 hours of good loot/alarm in heists - right now heists look like trash - no exp, you cant loot most of the chests, you could get - alert on your rogues cloaks... and thats it, looks way worse then mapping right now, atm ran some lvl 80+ heists - i had more loot in 67 lvl heist pre patch lul
Garbage update.

I already does not want to go in heist anymore due to abysmal xp and much higher death rate. (I like a sense of progression you know)

Now the drop is absolutely abysmal and the alert is full by clicking not even half of the chests even with alert reduction cloak and chest reduction cloak.

You can't even use the old way to skip pass mobs to open more chests.

The idea of only allowing selective few chests only works IF we can actually choose which reward we want, aka adding tags on every chests.

Those small chests have no tag, so why go on and make them unobtainable to us by doubling the alert level when opened?

I have to say it now.
Harvest is a much better league. It has real sense of progression and end goal.
Unbelievable right? Heist is even worse than Harvest now.
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I was having great fun with heist before this patch. Sure the exp was terrible but the loot made up for it. Now the loot is objectively worse than maps. There is literally no reason to interact with the league mechanic any more. If there were more map drops in heist I would CONSIDER running them but as of now I'll just stick to mapping and stockpiling my contracts in the hope that GGG fixes this train wreck of a league.

Ikr. This is the only league mechanic that reward you next to no map whatsoever.
It does not help atlus at all.

Contrary, Atlus drops way more contracts for this garbage heist no-one wants to do anymore.
Sherubim wrote:
Haters gonna hate.

I did some test runs on lower level (49+) and higher levels (75+), and although I could not loot every single chest I was able to loot a lot (like 2 big ones and 5 small ones), so nice patch and happy grinding from my side.
And thx GGG for the good work

Lmao, 7 chests total with half of them being useless rares and 1/4 of them being small common currency = good loot to you?
On top of that it gives next to no xp and have around 3 times higher death rate than Atlus contents.

Jeez, did you perhaps try to run atlus instead?
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