3.12.2 Patch Notes

I hope it's not rebalanced too much ^^'
glacial cascade sometimes pushes enemies through the wall and then can't be killed, this includes: bosses, blight encounter enemies(making u can't complete the blight) and so on.
This is going to be fun!
The amount of exp which is generated by killing Heist monsters u think is ok GGG? That is why everyone skip them. Gud job. U created content which players will skip just because makes no sense to spend time doing it. LOL
Having problems downloading.
Getting error
F me ! knew it. F useless
You also forgot to fix the animation of some Rogue/Thief mechanic. it takes too long or they get stuck after the charge of the mechanic is done.
And you need to move around and fiddle with them so they can execute the action.
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I guess the more important question is, can you put the heist quest item now in your locker or chest instead of clutter your inventory? dont read any of that.
nice but you guys still didnt fix blazing salvo.....
conc effect isnt affecting it

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