PlayStation Heist Launch Delay

engqvist85 wrote:
It's at the point now where I feel I should be legally within my rights to demand that my purchases on the console should be refunded or transferred to my PC-bound account. This is not a functional product. This violates consumer rights.

[Removed by Support]

Wow, no need for the insults. The fact that you are complaining about a free game and calling it fraud shows your incompetence. They offer free content since 2013. Every 3 to 4 months brand new content. Free free free. Quit your 2 year old argument and be a good boy and be patient.

Btw, you dont fully understand what it takes to implement things in a new league. But since obviously you are the greatest dev in the world, instruct away. Hilarious you can tell them how to do a job you cannot do yourself. Hypocrite.
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I'm glad to see some people coming in with supportive messages.

I've made plenty of angry posts about stuff GGG has messed up, but literally none of that is Jeff's fault. Additionally, stuff just goes wrong some time. I've worked in tech for 20 years, as both a Dev and DBA, and I can tell you that launching stuff, even carefully tested stuff, explodes in your face *a lot*. And when it does, you usually don't know what exactly went wrong right away. There are a lot of moving parts.

Do I wish the Console version was better? Yes. Do I wish GGG would get better with their messaging (correct times, actually that the PC launch was *not* smooth, etc)? Yes.

But this, a launch hiccup of currently unknown duration? It's annoying, but it's not like this a PoE exclusive problem. D3 and many other games have had many botched league/season launches, both PC and Console.

Give them some time, they'll get it sorted.

And props to Jeff for communicating with us promptly.
Guys chilled is a game for free no one say that you must sit and wait
engqvist85 wrote:
[Removed by Support] Your website said one thing, your game client said another, and the announced time was something else entirely. You provided three different release times for your product and failed to meet any of them because the patch that has been live for the better part of a week on PC is now delayed without warning on your hilariously failed console port. [Removed by Support]

At least we've got some entertainment whilst we wait...

C'mon engqvist85, tell us how you really feel.
GGG is a good company :)
milsvaard wrote:
PS still gets no love from GGG. It may be the smallest player base of all the platforms but these technical problems aren't helping you get new players I'm sure. I think GGG need to grow the PS team, or their tech team in general, PC launch was also messy but at least they got to play the game.

I agree, PS4 issues have gone on too long I wish I knew if it was neglect or actual issues they can’t seem to resolve. I’ve been noticing it a lot more lately with all games and systems though with games crashing.

Edit: I just read the other post from Jeff_GGG regarding the crashes and it is issues tracking the bug, glad to see they are working hard to resolve it!
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I just want to play the game :'(
Sau_Kalt wrote:
Guys chilled is a game for free no one say that you must sit and wait

It's dissapointing. They make an addictive game but it's filled with bugs. Their ambitions are great, but the execution is always flawed. C'mon GGG, get it together! we're rootin' for ya.
too old to get so exited about game start being delayed. Will play tomorrow. See you all tomorrow hopefully in game...
Sounds like at least 5+ hours if they are still looking for a fix + deployment + certification process. Go to sleep guys

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