Content Update 3.12.0 -- Path of Exile: Heist

Ok Mathil, time to stop.
Drunk mathil, best mathil.
Yikers at these cringe fanboys.
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dragonpowi wrote:
Singulare wrote:

Don't know what evening means in your timezone, but in mine season starts at 10:00PM and I wont make it past start of act 3 till I'm too sleppy to continue.

So that's the only thing D3 seasons do better, they start at 5:00PM.

To patchnotes... many nerfs not many buffs, but I still believe there is much hidden potential in the replicas and alternative quality gems we have yet to grasp.

But if they change it to make it good for you its gonna be worse for someone else.

oh, i dont even neccessarily need it to be another time (even more so for your mentioned reason). i most of the time dont make it to maps prior to monday as i dont powerrush as in D3, where the season journey is finished late saturday.
I was more wondering about the "evening" in EU ;)
Gonna be a lot of EX farming for gear this league
Yahira wrote:

Well, everything seems to be fluid atm. PoE Planner now shows hexes you inflict have +4. So is that 14 for the first, 10+4 every time... no idea.
I assumes the Doom value would be the base damage, if its just stacks, they should say so. If its divided by 10 in the end anyway, a bit confusing, especially if you add the +4 value.

It doesn't matter, I thought about a rage comparison, but I do not think it works. Rage is not time related, it only diminishes again if not used. You could only compare it, if Berserk would trigger automatically at maximum Rage or when you trigger it with a different attack other then the rage supplying one. Rage does not have a duration (tag) nor does it automatically stack.. and neither on the enemy, it stacks on you.

Guess we have to wait and see.

Yeah we'll wait and see since I can't by any means understand your thinking process on this. The node specifies +10 to maximum doom stacks meaning there is a cap straight up, it will almost for sure generate at 10 doom/per amount of time going up to a max of 25 doom per amount of time with the nodes on the tree (or rather it'd amount to about that since it reduced the amount of time between stacks by the wording of the nodes). The +4 would almost for sure be that each hex starts with a based of 1 doom, the +4 makes it start at 5 doom since I can't see them starting at 10 or making it such an odd number like 14. Extremely simple and nothing confusing. Makes complete sense to have it this way with consideration of what doom does.
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Yahira wrote:
dragonpowi wrote:
16c for delirium is actually... cheap. I make 30 to 100 splinter per map, now add delirium orb to that and all the other stuff that come with it. I would pay 30c for delirum lol

for blight personally i will probably just not run it. waiting for the monster to spawn while i could almost do 2 entire map... that a nop for me, its worth tho.

Maybe for you, I continuously have bad luck with splinters. Last league I ran full malformation maps with incursion, beyond, 8 awakening, 4 sextants and the usual 100%+ and with full clear got between 1-4 splinter. Yeah LoL

Running similar mods on Promenade yield 20-30 splinters, but its not a map I like to run.

It is heavily map related and RnG and it has been abysmal for me and 16c is high.

In comparison, during Delirium I finished the Endgame Grind challenge, in Harvest I got 1 Simulacrum, that's all. Selffound of course.

And I ended the league with about 40c, not really using any Zana mods (used the free ones from Harvest). 16c is a lot. Everything over 6 is and I won't use it.

damn that weird lol the lowest i usually got with only sextant and nothing else is like 10-15 splinter probably? and that is on pretty much any kind of map. myself i made 4-5 simulacrum during harvest and there was a time during the league i was skipping those because i didnt want to rip for my xp.
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I wonder if Call of Steel will scale with attack or castspeed? It does seem to have a casttime which could be annoying
Аstyanax wrote:
"Enemies afflicted with Assassin's Mark will always grant a power charge"


"Now causes cursed enemies to have a 1% chance to grant a power charge when hit per 4% gem quality ..."


Am I not reading this correctly? If AM marked enemies grant a power charge 100% of time, what the hell is the point for that skill's gem quality bonus?

Also seems like AM is complete waste of time trash now for map clearing, even its useless pseudo increase in survivability. Sure its more of use for bosses, but who the hell will switch half their gems in gear every time they run a boss?

Totally played Astyanax as a kid.
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Why nerf skills that aren't really used in the first place?
Wouldn't make sense to buff/rework the skills that are barely used?

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