Content Update 3.12.0 -- Path of Exile: Heist

Also, why add Splitting when there is already Forking ? Seems rather unnecessarily convoluted.
Soooo can Blasphemy still support marks?
madloly wrote:
Ahh, its always delight to read through the whines of some narrow minded people after the nerfnotes. My nipples are hard, and its all thanks to you GGG.
Really appreciating your hard work and looking forward to league start.
This patch is weird, man.
Curses rework seem just strange. They basically removed assassin's curse from the game for the purpose of using it as aura against normal mobs for crit chance. I mean, wasn't just nerfing it a bit not enough?
But I'm mostly interested in what the new Discharge cooldown is. It's powerful as hell now in terms of numbers, got a few ideas in mind.
ING: Valhaal
Any word on the stash tab affinities? To me, that would be the most important improvement as it would basically double playing-time by removing the stash-tetris downtime during mapping ...
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No quadtab stack bug fix yet?
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So, what aoe curses can physical damage builds use now?

Still sad that projectil weakness is no longer exist like it was ... but POG for the rest.
Practically you could just remove the rest of the classes and builds, and just leave the archers and the necromancers..
There is no point to play it as other build type. it's all done and destroyed completely.
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
When you use an in-area transition (such as the entrance to a boss room), a very short cooldown is now applied to the transition at the destination, to prevent accidentally bouncing back with some overzealous clicking

THANK YOU!! you dont know how much i suffered with this! Well done! xD

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