Content Update 3.12.0 -- Path of Exile: Heist

Deminii wrote:
What a shit, more nerfs xD Zombie nerfed 10000x times, now time to nerf raised spectre sents...

And zombies are still good and viable. Says a lot about how strong they were before. The same will be true for the Redemption Sentries/Knights. They were (well, still are) insane.

Deminii wrote:
If D4 coming out i drop poe for that exacly reason.... nerfs, nerfs , nerfs. this is joke.

I started to play PoE because i lost all hope for D4 after they announced it. :D
Morkazoid wrote:
GGG, please - do something with bots that spam with 3rd party sites which offer currency for real money. Just add algoritm that will blacklist some words that they are using or fight with it somehow..

lol they already did that.
GGG, thank you for your effort! You are one of the few companies that consistently does so much for its game. You dont deserve this whining that goes on in this thread. Keep up the good work!
1+ Well said, so many crybaby!
Very noice
How about sneaking in a little buff to scion by changing the pathfinder noteable to attack and cast speed? hm? hm? :)
Good luck applying hex on a specific boss whos in the middle of chaos, surrounded by billions of mobs. seriously idk why its not an area of effect skill which ignores all the mobs except bosses.
btw resolute technique remains trash for another league, i know its melee but cmon. U've introduced precision, flat acc on skill tree/ascendancies, changed sword to give flat acc, jewels with acc and RT became pointless...who even uses it. EO has +40%more dmg while RT what? blind doesnt effect you anymore? Nice deal for sacrificing crits, just add some fine nodes behind it...
And the Trickster wins again...and so the melee too...
I agree with the fact of 99% of the playerbase doesn't know how to pick any class and bring it to the max. But we all know that starter will be 60% Trickster and the rest to Witch(wathever ascend), Champ, Jugg and's the meaning of a Patchnote wich will be bypasse by streamer and top tier players within the next few days? Lmao
Cannot support Triggered or Aura hexes

Are auras applied by Bane considered triggered ?
Rampage Rank 7 lv 100 BONJWA_TOP_DAWG
Talisman SC Rank 7 Lv 100 LaBonjwa_Neymar
Ahh, its always delight to read through the whines of some narrow minded people after the nerfnotes. My nipples are hard, and its all thanks to you GGG.
Really appreciating your hard work and looking forward to league start.

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