Content Update 3.12.0 -- Path of Exile: Heist

jpkiwi wrote:
Hmmm well have be playing "Beta"lost ark on the Japan server game going live in Japan in 2 weeks.. Hell of a great game. PoE has became everything they didn't want it to be.

Lost ark is MMORPG
Path of Exile is ARPG

Lost ark is p2w(big cash shop)
Path of Exile is free

rachina1337 wrote:
Well, nice nerf of Mistress of Sacrifice, very much like it.
GGG should've nerf necroshit more than just this.
Quiet happy that they didn't destroyed melee, once again.

But if someone from GGG will read those tons of shitpost:
You should think on rework of summoner skills.
In PoE you can just run through the map, and AI will do all the work for you. Just press 12345q and you are good to go. No. That's not how it should work. Every necromancer should control his minions, and do all the work by himself, like in every other game.
Because every summoning skill now, is just unbelievably unfair. Not only towards casters, but mostly towards melee players.
Like how is it even fair, when you don't even have to control your minions???
You don't have to do a single ducking click for summons to attack someone, that's just op.
Or if you too lazy for rework like this, just nerf them to the ground, so they won't be casual shit.

Login in with your main at first. B) have you ever played one of the minion builds in other games ? Wow ? D3 ?
Well, calm
Down if you don’t like it skip it! That’s it!
Well that was expected. After every league theres a big NERF of the top tier builds. Lets see whats gonna be NERFed after Heist.
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Why on earth have GGG nerfed totem builds, capping out self curses to 8 from 13 means the soul mantle provides less damage via self-flaggeration.

I really wish GGG would use their brains a little. I get with the separation of hexes and marks, that this had to happen mechanically, but all they had to do to compensate was buff the numbers of self-flaggeration. The fact they did not means they either wanted to nerf totem builds (yeah, they are so op right...) or they didn't think the changes through and test. Clearly it is the latter.

Cant find 8 curses cap
Thnx GGG
Nothing special if you are not playing redemption spectres but maybe its better than ruining more builds xD
boondoxsaints wrote:
TheQoogle wrote:
Assasin: 3k ehp speedclear sc glasscannon

GGG: lets take that "cannon" part away

Trickster: 12k ehp speedclear hc dominating god of everything


Meanwhile in Harvest;
22% of the builds; Assassin
22% of the builds; Necro
8% of the builds; Trickster
and then dropping...

So two ascendencies to rule em all eh

Dont look at what sc speedclear plebs are playing.
Look at the hc race ladders. Thats were real power shows, bc thats were actual all around good builds are needed. You know builds that take into account every aspect in poe. In sc you can just run around as 3k glasscannon and die 5 times per map and 22% of players are ok with that. In the top 100 of the recent hc race we have 32 tricksters and 1 Assassin.
Coffee & Cigarettes
Hey GGG. Do you remember you made a Winter Orb skill gem?. You sold the mtx and you nerfed it!

By the way, you should listen the forum's members. We want legion zana mod!

I was so excited before the Path of Exile 2.0 but i think, it's gonna be boring.
Looks like 44% of necros ans assasins will vote with their vallets now.

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