New and Reworked Classic Spells & Steel Skills in Path of Exile: Heist

grayscaler wrote:
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...while, in making Warlord's Mark single-target-only, removing basically the only reasonable mana sustain option for 100% elemental conversion [melee] builds.

- 8 attack damage leeched as mana nodes on the tree
- attack damage leeched as mana on cluster jewels
- -mana mods on gear

not to mention a single eternal mana flask covers 99% of attack based mana needs
people who rellied on warlords mark for mana sustain had no idea how to make builds and just used it as a crutch

after synthesis i never used warlord's mark and did a ton of converting builds
i would say that warlord's mark truly shined when it worked for spells
but then again we have influence mods to make it up and even the mana on kill mechanics are much more reliable nowadays

i think the biggest nerf till now is assassin's mark, because it made herald's explosions easier
and also i noticed that balance over balances over this years GGG is trying to reduce the "zoom zoom" explosions...they are trying to make us choose between big explosions (like tecslam with 2H) or go fast but fire a lot of skills
i wouldnt be too surprised if they rebalance contagion too
They are nerfing melee while increasing spell aoe.

I don't have a problem with them slowing the game down, i have a problem with them doing it to melee first
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Discharge was the first skill I build a working character around. Back in 2013. Of course I later hopped on the CoC band wagon and enjoyed it a lot. I was more than just excited to see it getting a rework. And then I read cooldown which usually is an instant turn-off.

The game has amazing speed scaling possibilities for about everything. Your movement, your cast speed, your attack speed. You can even reduce cooldown recovery duration and have your CoC proc more often.

Giving this amazing skill with so much history a cooldown really does not feel right. I might be wrong about it but I highly doubt with the tripled base damage you can proc or cast it several times per second when using the threshold jewel.

A lot of people want to play this game at high speed, farming the map faster, killing the boss faster, speeding through the delve. This makes everything with a cooldown impractical.

With the announced rework, dischare will become a sad niche skill and will be in a worse state than before. Wasted opportunity at reworking a hallmark skill of the early days. Could just have left it alone.

I am still hopeful that I might be wrong but past experience shows me that adding a cooldown to something is a way of saying "we don't want to properly rework this, use it and have a bad character if you want"..
Nice !!
Looks amazing and super fun !!!
Game of nerfes : version 3.x
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
You had to use a giant mtx for lancing steel? i cant see shit whats happening
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Some nice changes and additions.

I'll wait for patch notes and 20/20 gem post before considering changing league start, but so far I'll probably stick to celestial ball lightning, as I've yet to make any use of that MTX... so like, please don't nerf it!
Cracking Lance Totems make me wet

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