New and Reworked Classic Spells & Steel Skills in Path of Exile: Heist

cant w8 for more skills
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Can't tell if they actually nerfed icestorm xD I want to see it being a thing again, not completely delete it :<
So how do Crackling Lance Totems work? Will they get the beam or will they forever stay AoE? Cause I wanna start as Crackling Lance Totems when they will get the beam.
All this look very nice but im waiting for the patchnote and 20/20 gems to enjoy it.

Just because GGG always spend a lot of time in developping new features players can't use because of poor stats ( 2H melee, brands, bow sentries ... )

I really really hope all of these new skills will be viable in red maps and offer a large choice for players or all of this will be another waste of time.

I want to believe ... let's pray for that !
I love how crackling lance and blazing salvo give me two new cosplay options in-game:
Crackling lance: vaal oversoul eighter totems or self cast
Blazing salvo: General Gravicius pure self cast(Sadly his leave a short aoe burning ground)
melee is already in a bad place so lets kill it some more with steel skills that looks kinda sad and uninpactful and depends on generating charges for them to work which is just 1000iq idea
overall lets make what was a wonderful one of the best free to play games in to something that resembles d3 which is basically a dead game
So question: Crackling lance noticeably gains intensity with each spell echo repeat unlike most other skills that are supported by intensify.
Will it also gain intensity when it reoccurs due to unleash? My gut says no but this could be a really fun combination that basically turns it into sirus's die beam.
does anyone know if splitting steel can be cast without shards from call of steel? If it requires shards to cast it doesnt seem like it would work for bosses since call of steel's generation is stopped on cast.

Is it meant to be a clear skill and unusable as single target? Maybe it should work without shards but consuming a charge deals x% increased damage.

I hope its playable.
It has a storm limit like Firestorm, though the limit is much higher than Firestorms so it works better with triggering and rapid cast mechanics.

And now the actual numbers are here. So 5 is 'much higher' than 3?? One cast of Icestorm with Awakened Spell Cascade and that's it, casting again before the duration ends will just waste it?

And what about Firestorm with Awakened Spell Cascade? It's supposed to cast 5 storms, but will cast only 3?

This makes no sense. These limits are totally unjustified. Please un-nerf it.
really good

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