New and Reworked Classic Spells & Steel Skills in Path of Exile: Heist

Please consider to nerf headhunter
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Chains of Emancipation gameplay during lancing steel?
Skills look beautiful!
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
That... is some Hype.
skills look amazing

having played only 1 week of harvest , can't wait for the new league
ArchAngel Tyreal
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Giving Discharge a cooldown and mandatory threshold jewel to bypass it? Yeah, please pass me the bath salts, I'll need them too! Haven't played Discharge in a bit but I've wanted to, but this makes that a hard "nevermind!" Cooldowns are bad, Mark/Rhys. Very, very, very, very, very bad.
No fun allowed.™
hYPe :)
My God, these look awesome. But I will not be jebaited again!
So is it Cracking Lance or Crackling Lance? The trailer and post disagree. Either way it's a combo of Galvanic Arrow and Arc, and doesn't need to exist. The typo is about as inspired as the skill.

Firestorm is now Meteor. In the same patch as D3's Black Hole, et. al. Huh. Complimentary 2000's level-up SFX included.

Steel skills shown to be completely behind the curve in every way - visuals, damage, creativity, big oof. Never ever touching these. Poor "melee"!

I have no idea why Pinpoint exists based on this post.
No fun allowed.™
wow insane =)

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