New and Reworked Classic Spells & Steel Skills in Path of Exile: Heist

wow its gona be amazing i think all those new skills and balance changes and the league cant wait any longer play now or die
Its pretty sad to see all these poe simps who spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic crap, come in with one word replies simping for this game.
Looks like we have to wait again for the next league for something good.
Enable /harvest for standard so we can use our whorti-stations you [removed by player]!!!!!!
The skills look really great and can´t wait to use it in Heist. For me the league looks really interesting and with a lot of things to try and find out. Thank you GGG for your constant work!
looks like nice stuff, hope it feels nice to play as well.
Okay now these look really awesome! I'm not really a fan of the Steele skills though due to not really being able to see them. They blend in too much imo
Ohohohohoho firestorm im waitin for ya.

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