3.11.2 Patch Notes

just wondering if this could have been delayed for a week and incorporated into the Heist download?
EDMOSES wrote:
just wondering if this could have been delayed for a week and incorporated into the Heist download?

Making the entire playerbase re-download the entire game on league launch doesn't seem like a good idea. Hence why they're doing it now.
was waiting to see a little bit faster allocation phase, there wasn't any! the best update ever.
3.14 - Removed Harvest from the game.
The Technical patch note said "Note that you won't need to uninstall and reinstall Path of Exile. Patching to 3.11.2 will automatically re-download the necessary data."

I didn't have any update launching from steam.

Some of us aren't basement dwelling neckbeards. We play during the day, and have windows. Even with the blinds closed I can't go into half the maps. And i'm not turning the brightness up because when the sun DOES go down it makes any bright scenes feel like i'm looking directly into the business end of a light saber.

I know most of people who write here are wilson's ccksckers, kids overhyping this game but I must write: 22GB for a path just a week before huge extension is simply bs.
is the patch really 23GB?
Hm. Here I was, reading the patch notes, hoping the new handling of files and loading would solve the choppy gameplay, the lag spoke, the slow loading of enemies/terrain/effect, the freezes when a lot of stuff spawns at once... only to realize they made it worse!
What is even going on here? Everything was working flawlessly at the beginning of the league! Now it's close to unplayable. I've given up on leveling past 95 because of all the deats caused by this.
Kieren_GGG wrote:
Mirage Archer and Mirage Archer

Should be Mirage Archer and Mirage Warrior?
I am not a GGG employee.

About the username: Did you know Kowloon Gundam is made in Neo Hong Kong?

quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"

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