3.11.2 Patch Notes

Ye, just saw that after I was kicked from the steam version for forced update (no problems there, it has to happen)... on a rural broadband connection though, limited data, and speed aint that great. See you all in a month XD
I will write something here when I can think of something clever and amusing.
Nice update.
With steam, maybe we finish this download with heist
i was waiting for thiz :3 My internet is rdy to download :3 ty
Apologies for the second post here, but I felt compelled to report my findings...

With Vulkan active, there are lines running across my entire screen that appear on the terrain surfaces.

The lines appear to be almost blurred, but they span across my entire display.

I will switch my rendering process and then report back in this same post.

EDIT: Switched to DX11, and the issue is resolved. So, I can confirm that Vulkan is causing those "blurry lines" to span across my entire display while in Fullscreen mode. I'm using a 2080 Ti, with the latest NVIDIA drivers, 9900K, on the latest build of Windows 10. I do not experience this issue in other games while using Vulkan.
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The sound is much...thinner? Sounds 'tinny', not as full.
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You guys are great, thank you :)
Fixed a bug where a Horticrafting Station could sometimes not display any available options, despite options being available.

just in time.. :P
kidding. xd

nice job, patching.....
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updated, so far everything works.

good job!
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Hi! I did not have any update launching the game from steam. Its normal?
My game isn't starting anymore.


CreateShaderResourceViewEx: Wrong Parameter

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