Curse Skills in Path of Exile: Heist

i wont be suing any of these
ibugsy wrote:
If I'm running an elementatlist

Compared to other classes it's been in a really bad spot.
hex blast!
I didn't mind that your made the new hexes only work for attacks to get their life gain properties. It made it a more significant choice to run these as a spell caster.

But this effectively makes them useless to the nth degree.

I spent a lot of time a few seasons ago making a Bow-wielding Summoner Templar that uses 2 cast curse on hit in weapon (for a total of 3 used slots) to give minions a way to gain charges. It is not the fastest clearer in the world, but it is fun as all get out to play. This, and many other builds, that already use this support gem are decimated to the ground. Picking out a single target with a skill like barrage, that already does not even hit the target every time due to its slight spread is honestly laughable.

There is no way on Earth (or any other planet) that you can buff these skills as single target to make them worth while to gain charges.

So it seems, your real aim was to not allow readily gain charges. I see no other justifcation to your argument on these but this.

If you wanted to reduce these, especially to gain power charges, then you should have disallowed their spawning on rings or amulets.

Furthermore, giving easier access to explode on death mechanics, while simultaneously stating curses are over used?!?!? Really? You are serious?

Sorry, but this may be a drastic enough change for me to not even bother any more.
So what is going to happen to assassin mark rings? A lot of time was invested by a lot of people to make those and are they just dead now?
Wtf? Marks now only applied to single targer? RIP to any builds relies on warlords mark to leech and such. GG nerf!
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Aldonés wrote:
All this talk about Marks being nerfed...sounds like a buff in my opinion. Bed said they will not be affected by curse resistance, so that alone makes them 3x as effective on bosses. She also said they will be rebalanced for single target (most likely buffed). Marks are going to be a major bossing advantage.

Eh, not really. it's only 50% stronger, not 3x stronger, for the vast majority of boss fights. Not many people are routinely fighting elder/shaper, and with the constant ads you probably want to be using a different curse anyway.
This is a massive nerf to assassin and warlord mark. People used these for not only charge generation but it was also a massive survival and mana generation nerf. This nerf completely kills them and it is no longer worth the mana cost or oportunity cost of either gem placement or into rings. I cant even imagine who thought this was a good idea, maybe a person thats into self flagellation.
Can you guys one day add a way to change the button for the backwards dash, or the ability for me to do that so it isn't shift?
Assassin Mark is buffed overall for coc builds. Having no ass mark wont affect clear, and it will buff boss killing. Which is the weakness for coc builds.

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