Curse Skills in Path of Exile: Heist

Although self casting hexes looks cool, looking nothing as efficient as curse on hit mark skills. Punisment is good tho might be time to switch to punishment curse and ditch explode chest or gladiator.
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curse on hit mods on rings has been far too powerful a little while, I miss the self casting days
The only real punishment is waiting for Heist!
Twice now my SRS build get nerfed by rework not targeting summoner at all :( First the nerf to Static Strike, then now the Punishment rework.

Will probably be cool for some builds / people out there but that's not for me, I hate low life as a mechanic, won't work on trash white mobs when you one-shot said trash white mobs :(

If i have a curse on hit ring, and use hex blast, does this mean i can literally spam the spell to blow up stuff?
So many nerfs and we haven't even got the nerf notes out yet. Not looking like a league worth playing this time.

So glad I gorged myself on harvest, im'ma get to op play with my shiny harvest cratfs.
LUL Stank Pug Chump Puggers ................... Soooo WEAK, soooo very weak LUL
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How will Hexes and Marks interact with Blasphemy support? Can you still reserve a Hex as an aura or is the entire idea of a Curse Support just killed now?
if any cursed enemy now explodes on deat/doom, it needs a aoccultist rework too right?
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