Curse Skills in Path of Exile: Heist

looks nice
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why you ggg ruin my curses ? they worked fine. ass mark is just big flop. i crafted my ass ring in harvest and now its completly usless, i dont give shit about single target or boss killing curses. i just want to kill and have fun. ass mark was big part of my build. diversity ? well what you think if i come your home and sleep in your bed without asking you like it or not. why you always tend to assume that we like it. or did you ask from streamers ? its dumb.

i belive lot of casual players got fkd by this massive nerf.

besides this shader bug dx11 bs. you ggg suck at most of nerfing my curse. and even more now i see that this harvest league was just some sick brain fk with your playerbase bcs you had alraedy planned this nerf after harvest league. serisuly ggg you suck pretty bad

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