Curse Skills in Path of Exile: Heist

Single target? So GGG expects people to target single enemies? I guess that's it for charge generation through cursing...
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You made the curses most ideal for groups single target... why.
Like, seriously, you're going to have buff the tits off those Marks to make them worth using.
What's with all the added extra chaos damage? If I'm running an elementatlist, why do I want chaos damage? Especially if the curse isn't related to chaos, e.g. Flammability, Conductivity, Elemental Weakness.

It feels like you are just setting yourselves up to nerf chaos damage at some point because everything is doing chaos damage, and mobs aren't as resistant to it overall.

Hex support gems should support the damage type being applied.

Also, the reason people don't self-cast is because you get swarmed so easily, or have to dodge incoming damage. Maybe rethink that mechanic.
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dormleand wrote:
This is a terrible change for the marks. Trying to mouse over one single target in a map or acts is awful. Do they really expect me to spend 15+ seconds mousing around looking for the yellow in a sea of blues and whites just to mark it?

Probably not. Judging by yesterdays' area skills reveal, Harvests' Warcry reworks and many other recent changes, it seems they want people to play tactically rather than mindlessly. What that means in this case is that Marks aren't for packs, including rares. They're for bosses exclusively. What they expect you to do is run both a Hex and a Mark - the former for mapping and the latter for bossing. Of course no one's actually gonna do that...¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Woooow, pretty cool GGG!
Hopeful for more meta variety in playstyles with these changes!
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Oh my god, Hex Blast is what has been missing from Bane builds! Finally, I have a desire to actually play a Curse build with this new mechanic combo of burst, blast and DOOM!
big thumbs down on the mark changes

*edit* Also, yeah, I agree that ele curses causing chaos damage doesn't make sense. They should cause damage of their respective damage type, with ele weak causing all three or whichever damage type caused them to die. I don't know. It just doesn't make sense that *Flammability* would trigger a chaos explosion.

Hex Blast seems cool, though. So, you got that going for you.

Which is nice.
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JinLee1337 wrote:
Orion72 wrote:
Don't know if this was part of the intent, but projectile weakness becoming a mark rather than a hex wrecks a whole category of utility it had for gaining pierce via curse.

Shame to lose possibility of building this way if it is just collateral damage rather than an intended nerf.

Appreciate consideration


It says in the post that it is getting reworked and is now called Snipers Mark.

Yes, that's the problem. As mark affecting only one creature either they take the pierce effect out or it becomes useless.

All this talk about Marks being nerfed...sounds like a buff in my opinion. Bed said they will not be affected by curse resistance, so that alone makes them 3x as effective on bosses. She also said they will be rebalanced for single target (most likely buffed). Marks are going to be a major bossing advantage.
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