Curse Skills in Path of Exile: Heist

Marks apply the curse debuff on a single target and cannot be applied to more than one target

what.the.actual.fok ?!
For me specifically, this gem is too good to not use as you get an extra curse. Two curses is probably going to always be better than one. (and it makes curses apply to Hexproof mobs)

Nibelton wrote:
Marks apply the curse debuff on a single target and cannot be applied to more than one target

what.the.actual.fok ?!

Balance is extremely important to gggcent
why even bother with curses when you can only have ONE MAX on ONE mob? This isn't balance, this is death.
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Indeed you couldn't incentivize a self cast gameplay without nerfing other aspect ... leading to break some way to play and not even the one you target !!
not a fan of the mark rework to single target, because of either limited socket space when having two curses for clearing/single target or having to switch gems for bosses.
also RIP pierce for redemption sentry spectres with proj weakness, so the nerfs begin...
I like my loot like my steak - RARE

Since GGG talks about self casting im sure that this single target restriction only means that marks loose their aoe when self cast meaning:
curse on hit because its not considered self cast will still be able to curse everything around you ^.^
and same goes for projectile weakness because of its pierce effect if not removed that is.
And since they are still all curses just split into marks and hexes blasphemy support should work on them too right?

This would have the effect of not actually killing my not-even-vaguely-overpowered-but-fun-to-play Tectonic Slam Chieftain build from this league. Since killing not-even-vaguely-overpowered-but-fun-to-play builds seems to be GG's thing, it therefore doesn't seem to be a plausible interpretation.
Awakened Combustion Support when?
How does Hexblast interact with Curse on Hit effects? Will it apply the hex and then consume it? or will it first attempt to consume it and then apply the hex?
second effect that Punishment now applies which causes monsters to explode

But it does NOT destroy corpses of "exploded" monsters. Did you forget to mention that, or the hex is bugged in the video?
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So witch, curse/void orb build anyone?

I'm hyped, With frostbite cold and chaos can be a thing here!

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