Announcing Path of Exile: Heist

After looking at both league supporter packs.

At this point (after endless boring,bland and ugly sets) i consider them as collector items at best in addition to the Supporters Packs other benefits like points, forum badges.

First of all.

Helmet are (as usual) non-fitting, low quality, or straight up hideous even compared to leveling gear.

The other parts of both sets:


Without Helmet kind of decent looking. Has a lot of moving parts and details, so it looks less like a cardboard armor set. Maybe too much reflection on the shoulders, but other than that it has a homogenic look as the colors fit.


Boring and bland. Outdated. It looks like one of those legacy armour sets, released around 2015. Not much details or moving parts, and too shiny / plastic like.

Patch of Exile Gear Solid, infiltration mechanics on ARPG, probably gonna suck.

GGG needs to understand that people likes Breach mechanics, not farmville or syndicate mechanics
babubabu wrote:
darkilein1 wrote:
Here we go agane. Another Mechanic we have to study for sure.

Remember the good old days where all you had to do was play and don't need to invest time into learning the new mechanics?

welp looks like i'm taking time off work for league start

Well i started 3.0 and you just had to kill monsters. Yeah i feeling that.
I will watch some Gameplay, a bit later i join maybe or skip completly
Caulder10 wrote:
Likely to be the first league I skip purely because it looks like shit.
Can already see all the bugs that will be involved too.

I kinda figured when Chris said everyone in the office was hyped about this league that it would be bad for the actual players.. sad that is where we have come.

Also got banned from ZiggyD's twitch for saying "league looks like a massive failure"

Ziggy should maybe get more professional mods, that dont get triggered.
I knew it was the Cat !
ty GGG !
Firefly00 wrote:
I'm familiar with the system you're talking about; Star Trek Online and Secret World Legends have their own analogues to it. And there's no reason it can't exist here, too. Sure, we're introduced to a particular pool of NPCs in this promo video, but who says that's the entire roster? For example, let's say there's a 'sapper' class of crewmember who specializes in neutralizing traps. While all of them can neutralize all trap types, some might deal with certain types faster than others, so your choice for a given heist would be affected by what you know about its defenses.

So you've picked out who's going with you on the job; what happens to the rest of the crew? Well, that's where the system you describe comes in: you can send them on missions which take place in the background as you play. Among the benefits from said away missions would be that they gain experience as well (just how much an away job nets as opposed to a heist is a discussion I'll set aside).

I think my main issue with Heist conceptually is that it's pretty much just maps, except with their own gimmick. I really enjoy delving, but just like that, Heist requires grinding in other parts of the game to get (now multiple) resources in order to play it at all; even if you like it, you can't just jump into any area and play it the way you could with, for example, Delirium.

Considering what a departure background progress would be from the mechanic as it's been presented, I can't see that possibly being introduced. And, really, it wouldn't fit into this game any better, in my opinion. I just got hyped over my own assumptions.

I don't hate the idea. I just don't think it's all that compelling, and I think they've done a lot better with other leagues.
Xystre wrote:
boyandroid wrote:
cgexile wrote:
posted like 6 hrs ago and this thread has only 13 pages?


People who mostly post in this kind of post are:

New Players - because this is new to them, they are the one getting most excited.

Haters - will pick something to complain about & exacerbate the issue to get traction & following.

Most veterans who have nothing to complain about will just digest the info & carry on. This is the downside of the "scheduled release". It became a habit & people who played this game for years are getting accustomed to that every quarter we got new "news" to play.

And for people who has genuine interest & question about the new league will not bother post here & instead post it on reddit becuase they have a higher chance of response from the dev.

negative feedback = haters.


Let me present to you Exhibit A.

Case point

Dude, did you ever post something positive in this forum?

If this game makes you toxic because of that hate, you need to learn to let go & move on.


Firefly00 wrote:
boyandroid wrote:
And for people who has genuine interest & question about the new league will not bother post here & instead post it on reddit becuase they have a higher chance of response from the dev.

Which, I think, doesn't reflect well on GGG. It's bad form to go to the effort to set up official forums, then seem to neglect them in favor of Reddit/social media/et cetera. The latter should supplement the former, not replace it.

I totally agree.

Maybe (just speculating) their reasoning, why bother allocating resources to mimic the other system that works if they can just use that other system for free.
I wonder how much you will have to hurry because of the timekeeping? I don't like to rush..., I'm waiting.
Oh.. Path of Exile - Nerf number 43. Great.
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)

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