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Seems like a PVP league :(


Last edited by suitto on Sep 1, 2020, 5:42:58 AM
MLGonthorian wrote:
I wish they would extend Harvest league tbh, or at least allow us to play it in private league or something :/

It would be pretty crazy to have private leagues feature any of the previous leagues as core content!!
gilo71 wrote:
and graphics too, far more KISS
No more money for you GGG...Ever
Innomen wrote:
Sidenote, it looked better 10 years ago, that's amazing. I wish I had that as a graphics option. I might even pay for it.

Come on. Don't be silly. It's one thing to hate this game for whatever reason, it's another thing to linger on to something that you hate while making shit up. Just move on.
ZionHalcyon wrote:
The people complaining crack me up.

Go make your own game if you know so much.

GGG is doing just fine. Can't wait till tomorrow!

Hmmm... if you like it so what is with your challenges?

BTW you trying to convince us who are here from early beginning with your excitement and only beginners challenges in Harvest, pls play more.
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The trailer does look better ten years ago than current game play. Sure the graphics are better now... but who could ever tell since the player would just warp to the center of the screen and blow everything up in a bright flashy explosion.

The trailers for the game ten years ago and the trailers for 2.0, which is yet to come, have no relation whatsoever to how the game actually plays. The speed of battle really needs to be slowed down and require more thoughtful action than just a move skill and a screen wide damage skill.
Can't Wait :') i hope in the next league i finally can drop one Mirror of kalandra after six years in this game
░▐█▀▄▀▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▌░░░░░▐█▄░░ We Miss U Le Toucan
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I started playing in the middle of Harvest and finally when I had my farm super developed this comes to an end. It was a spectacular trip.

Eager to see what the new expansion will bring us and eager to start farming! ´


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