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gj ggg! <3
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Exactly how I felt! That and the visual bling was more subdued so you could still see everything that was going on.

You've got my vote for a more classic game style!

Unfortunately, it's never going to happen. GGG know far too well that the bright flashing lights contribute to the same catatonic addiction that pokies players experience and this is how they make their money.

Actually, I think GGG could keep the flashy graphics for those who like seizure inducing gameplay and still decrease the speed of combat to make it more interesting overall.

Then instead of move skill, damage skill. Next screen... move skill, damage skill. and repeat...

We could have move skill, several different skills to tactically kill the monsters each with their own flashy effects. Still flashy and pretty just a tactical style of play that is worthy of a game as complex as POE! Win win!

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