The Press Tour Is Complete

Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
ayo that's hype
Man i can't wait!
GREAT JOB TEAM!!!!! Enjoy a beer on behalf of me and enjoy what you guys have created. With all the ups and downs, you guys are working on the BEST arpg.. IN THE WORLD
YakuzapresLi wrote:
Add split screen

Not happening with ARPGs again. You can thank the PS1 port of Diablo 1 for showing us how bad it is.
10 years already!? Proud of this company for making it so long, and still bringing fresh ideas and content to the game. That's impressive just by itself. Stoked for the 3.12 announcement and trailer. Make way for the mighty monocle cat!!
I think I actually like the original energy shield UI more than the current one... =\
this game already looked outdated 10 years ago
ah the good old days where CPU usage wasn't through the roof :/
Thanks for the b-day present GGG! Make it a great one, eh?! XD Currently working on becoming a PoE content creator and I'm excited to see the first League I get to explore on my Youtube Channel! Thanks for all the hard work!

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