The Press Tour Is Complete

More MTX.
Make more MTX, you have only made 5 for this shitty league.
Make some more.
Thanks POG HYPE Best Shit ever !
roflmao what a shitfest
Happy anniversary! May PoE 2 last just as long.
I hope it's a bit more sensibly paced, like PoE in earlier days. But whatever you do: Good luck and all the success in the world!
May your maps be bountiful, exile
Let's go boys! New league new me! I'm excited!
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Didn't they say 1pm Yesterday?? Now it's 2pm.
The zombies closing in at the end. Cute. You can see the GGG flair was there from the beginning.

Who's got the oldest account? 7 days after announce for me.
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Syndicate v2.0

I was hoping for a dud league and Heist definitely fits.

I am looking forward to STANDARD and all my lovely OP harvest crafts to play with.

I like the syndicate missions so this might be great fun!
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DaleDVM wrote:
Seeing the old trailer just makes me sad.

I agree completely that the decade old trailer has the type of experience I wish the game actually reflected. I love the MP aspect, but more so the speed of the combat.

The game today, with the dreaded one shot mechanics, forces characters to be designed to kill everything on screen with one click. Or more likely vice versa!

If they decreased damage taken and inflicted on monsters, then decrease regen and leech rates battles could actually last long enough to even see what you are fighting.

What a revelation that would be. And perhaps I would play the game again. I am hoping that is the case in 2.0

Exactly how I felt! That and the visual bling was more subdued so you could still see everything that was going on.

You've got my vote for a more classic game style!

Unfortunately, it's never going to happen. GGG know far too well that the bright flashing lights contribute to the same catatonic addiction that pokies players experience and this is how they make their money.
Did I miss something? All I am seeing is a new challenge league - I thought they were also announcing an expansion?

A new league does not equal an expansion last I looked and the previous 2 came along with a new challenge league.

3.0 expansion - new acts + betrayal

3.9 expansion - conquerors of the atlas + metamorph

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