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magpye wrote:
So is that within 5 hours from now? or will i have to wait till i wake up tomorrow to check it out?

Here is the timer until the announcement.
Been here since closed beta :D
Joined: Sep 17, 2010
Really one of mine favorite games to play.
Even If I didn't like some leagues you always find your way back to this game :)
GGG you are awesome !

Im trying to support you by playing and buying stuff to the game!

Please keep up the work u do always dont lose hope ever!!!

I really love this game. And I love how it has evolved 50% of what you do and 50% of the community creating stuff like websites for trade. I wish we had an auction house in-game or something like that. Mailboxes so we can send items to ppl like in wow :P

I just love your game oh so much :)

I'm beyond sad that harvest will not go core. I know it will break the market but us minor players managed to craft mirror tier items and actually enjoy this game. Your game saved many peoples sanity with harvest during this insane times of the Corona pandemic. We could spend hours and hours researching and crafting and actually feeling like we achieved something. I play a pure golem elementalist stone golemancer and i'm freaking loving it. I play only golemancer each league so I can explore the content safely and slowly. Sometimes its nice to rush stuff but not 24/7. I hope you will think about both the fast and slow players. Also make Delirium appear more and without a timer. It is sad we cant predict its appearance and it often appears in crappy maps and we get stuck without completing the maximum.

I'm not joking when I say this is by far the best league you have ever made. It was not "RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN KILLLLLLLLLLLLLL REPEAAAAAAAAAAAAT" it was - think calculate prepare activate kill craft enjoy content repeat.

I just love you guys. I really hope you manage to add harvest to standard as soon as possible. I am extremely sure many ppl will come back and actually spend hours making stuff and enjoy the content more. Especially PVP would be more fun if we can make items that will create interesting builds for pvp :D

Again thank you for creating such an amazing game.

I hope the cat stands on our shoulders and screams at us when we make mistakes or sarcastically praises us when we do something good in the next league :D

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Can we get double points on every platforms?
I still have some cash to spent on my mobile but the conver/tax is so high like a twice for the same 100point amount.
And yes i need spent that cash to get it rid to change my mobile payments.
So excited! Harvest was alright but I have a feeling this next xpac is going to be AAAAAMAAAZING!!!!!!
nothing could be more worse/boring than harvest right...?
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Hmm quite curious about the next league, you guys did hype it up even before harvest began, hopefully the hype train won't crash and burn.
Notice how that entire initial trailer was full of multi-player play. Multi-player is dead right now and really needs some love. I want to play in a party and still be able to play solo from time to time. The recent leagues have made party play either impossible or clearly discouraged which is a sad direction for a game like this.
Aaaaallll aboard!

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