The Press Tour Is Complete

so... how many hours from now to get real announcement?
can't wait!
“What kind of f*cking neighborhood is this!?”
“People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.”

Please note how your original launch trailer is kinda promoting multiplayer there quite a bit.

Please also note the lack of incentive and poor league mechanic optimization for party play that has repeatedly plagued the game (you guys literally often end up adding any multiplayer features for league mechanics as an afterthought after leagues launch).

Just a salty critique of that marketing bit compared to: launch ---- present day multiplayer incentives (it's literally somehow a single player MMO).......

Excited for tomorrow. Hope it's as meaty as you promised so I can so spend 20+ hours in build planner again with weird build idea's. Loved the update to Duskblight with Stalking Pustule, actually used it with decay to make awesome dots build. Also plz fix Law of Wilds (the damage is nonexistent, and increase that crit rate) ontop Spectral wolves to: 1) Not resummon wolves at cap 2) have a cap of 15/20 OR 1.5/2X the damage values.

Pay the guy you hired who made PoB to update your website tree planner and make PoB into an officially managed downloadable offline version (basically the existing PoB but update what its missing). Since he's got all that awesome mathematic stuff down he can also touchup your dps calculators in game to include true dps with: dots, impale and everything else. Just saying.
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
just watched the clip and all i can think about is the original login and character select screens! THEY MUST RETURN!
“What kind of f*cking neighborhood is this!?”
“People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.”
I'm guessing they are posting so much here to bury the thread about bloom
Can you give us the list of the 19 news outlets/streamers that were part of the tour?

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