The Press Tour Is Complete

It looks like we will have a new interface along the bottom of the screen.
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all i see ist awfull ui changes ..

Coming 2011?
Woah the new expansion looking sick cant wait! already looks unmeasurable better as harvest
Make a trailer now and it looks, one guy 500% move speed and one shots screens the other guys do nothing and slowly follows

it was a better game 10 years ago
Well, game has become insanely easy these days. You just zooming through every content with your eyes closed and delete everything in a second. Bosses make no difference here - UE and Sirus 8 are quite easy too with an atleast slightly proper build.

I can't say game has become worse then it was at the beginning - for sure it's not, but some changes of overall pace would be nice.
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3800h in.Best game ever.Cant wait for 3.12
At first i was like "Uhm, design improvement, that's nice"
Best wishes for 10 years GGG! I've been an Exile for 7 years now, and it's been a pleasure to play, craft and "R.I.P" on POE XD. I look forward to the next updates, keep it up !!!

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