3.11.1 Patch Notes

Please add tier numbers to planted seed popups.
To anyone at GGG reading this - thank you for improving the game! I hope you understand that there are a lot of people that appreciate you guys and your effort. There are definitely things worth criticizing, you can't make a perfect league, but among all of the toxicity you have to deal with please be aware there are a lot of normal people that truly love POE and respect you guys a lot. I always do my best to provide constructive criticism and I will continue to do so. Let's see how this patch turns out!
WoT_Seanchan wrote:
Ecion9022 wrote:
Is this a bug?

Supreme Ego + Determination + Mortal Conviction = Buff do not have an increase effect.

Confirmed. I just tried Supreme Ego + Mortal Conviction with Discipline and no effect at all. Was expecting the 50% MORE ES but nothing happened at all. ES amount stayed the exact same. I hope GGG fixes this asap.

Just to be sure I even tested with 2 different Discipline gems both lv 20, just to be sure. Discipline doesn't have a duration on it, Vaal Discipline does so I checked just in case it had something to do with it.

These patch notes still doesn't reflect a fix to this issue. Nor the bug with all Ungil ammys being turned to the new version with no crit multiplier.
I rarely post, but when I do it's important. Fighting for the player, not monsters! https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/880487

Did you automate the entire system?

Not my thing then.
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What about vulkan fixes? It's still unusable.
Lmao i can't believe this is the actual patch notes, nothing here actually changes the experience of the league, jesus

Fixed a bug where Fortify Support could apply to some triggered skills, such as Combust from Infernal Cry.

Hey: Why? This was cool and good, and it definitely fucks up some Warcry builds to have to slot Fortify in somewhere else now.

2. Can you do something about the fact that Arcanist Brand - Bladefall doesn't attach or trigger on any larger-than-arena bossfights? Kitava and Arakaali both don't take ABs with Bladefall on them. Other brands (Storm, Armageddon, etc.) attach and proc properly, and Bladefall itself casts and deals damage properly when manually cast, but AB-B specifically does not function, at all.
Hey guys -- For some reason my HC-SSF stash tabs were wiped, and the naming convention I used for my tabs in a past league were thrown in there [all empty]

Just a heads up, not sure what caused that
dedwar wrote:
What about vulkan fixes? It's still unusable.

Yep, it's still b0rked. Has been since it was released.

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