3.11.1 Patch Notes

I'm enjoying the **** out of this league! Thank you so much! :D
So stun will remain booty tier for now. And no leap slam fix either.
I don't think you understand what that was saying...

It has no benefit to anyone who solos, but it also doesn't make them lose out. It just doesn't screw your group if you do your harvest while out and about (well, doesn't screw them as hard, since they still get no drops from the original seeds, nor do they get growth credit, so they are really just sitting there losing out to the map creator or the first person to zone into a zone while grouped).

Not sure what you think this punishes solo players, you already get the T2/3/4 seed if it drops. You don't get EXTRA if you are in a group, just your group members now might get a small breadcrumb for wasting their time killing the mobs with you. And they can't grief your seeds, they are greyed out to group members when they drop from the mobs.

Now if only they actually made it so the group benefits from a league mechanic in a group possible game. This would be like D3 only letting the group leader go into rifts or get the loot at the end. I have never seen a mechanic so anti-group in a game that is group friendly normally.
Can we please get back the option to turn off Bloom?

Thank you in advance.
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Thanks GGG, i think Cluster Jewels crafting will be easy and i hope they drop in price :D. Vulkan is fine here, i'm able to play just because of him.

Specs: i5 4440 3.10ghz / 8gb ram / gtx 960 2gb. No ssd btw :( .
Unless the tediousness of the whole farm set up and needing to count seeds planted by each other on the higher tiers is addressed just not gonna be my thing I guess. I don't mind grinding for items as that's a lot of what an ARPG is but spending tons of time just figuring out where to plant seeds and looking at some super involved planting map just to set it all up doesn't feel great to me.
So ALL large cluster jewels will have 2 sockets? not just item level 75+? if so, i just wasted 5 ex on high ilvl clusters....
Well, now clusters are actually craftable without a shit ton of currency (I'm assuming)
I'm happy with many of the changes and the patch fixes listed, but I still see no mention of the Heart of the Grove encounter being fixed...

The boss fight can bug out and result in you being unable to get past the root wall if you are on the outside while the boss and other minions are stuck on the inside. Total waste of 100+ high tier maps to grind out the possibility of triggering an encounter that cannot be completed.

GGG, please reset the nurtured Heart counter for those folks got bugged with these types of instance failures; Oshabi isn't even in my grove anymore and I cannot nurture the Heart of the Grove further since it's gone too (even though I continue to get pop-up notices to do so).

As an aside, I'd like to second the request to up the storage tank capacity...even if that requires spending stored essence to do so.

Thanks for everything!
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Does this patch fix the black rectangles appearing on the screen sometimes?

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