3.11.1 Patch Notes

cant wait
Woohoo! Thanks for continually improving! Must have been a rough couple of days.
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Thank you!
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Can we PLEASE get larger storage tanks?!?! This has been requested sooo often already by now!
Why are you guys excited for this? this addresses none of the core problems with the league and the fact this is the patch thats meant to fix things its pretty obvious they dont know whats wrong.

This league is so, so bad and this patch will not help it, this solidified it for me, i was hoping for changes that actually do something. laters
Let everyone who run a map have seeds too
game is unplayable when u play as group
Hardcore League

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Thank you. Would like to have seen a fix to the " Invisible Mob one shot ", that seems to just happen randomly.

It's one thing to learn certain mechanics etc, but not knowing where a mob is, and just suddenly drop like a sack of...well, something not very nice. That's not a " Learn to play mechanic. " It's infuriating.
When a Tier 2, Tier 3 or Tier 4 seed drops, there is a chance for an additional seed of the same type to drop and be allocated to a party member for each party member present.

/Global 820 Lf 5 people to not grief my seeds and just afk while i harvest and give loot ty

orrrr a big PepeHands if you dont have friends

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