Upcoming Changes to Cluster Jewels

It is PoE, my guess, those fixed jewel sockets are still random.
Which means, from now on, even more bases are going to be vendor trash.
After this change, not only the wrong fixed skill numbers, but the wrong fix socket numbers too.
All-Time Non-Streamer Luckless Dropless Rewardless Tons-of-Time-Playing 100% Solo Player.
Path of Luckers; pointless, broken, bugged, lagging and absurdly RNG gated pure nonsense.
And to top it all.. Harvest, another broken, purely luck based crafting league, for the luckers.
this is really interesting. As any large jewel you find above level 75 can no longer be rolled into "the perfect one", since it now require that you have gotten lucky with find the right base, 8 or 9 passives AND rolls natively 2 sockets. But at least it will be easier rolling the "perfect one" when you finally get the base, since it is now a whole lot easier to get 3 desireable mods than 4.

It is at the least going to be really interesting what will come of this. I think perhaps the issue now have been showed too far over to the acqusition part of it, and gated behind yet another "rng roll".
impulze3 wrote:
The plan is that any new Medium and Large Cluster Jewels will come with an additional enchantment that states they have one Jewel socket and two Jewel sockets respectively. The Jewel socket modifiers will no longer be rollable suffixes

So no changes about the drop rates at all ?

Now 2 socket jewels will be even more expensive since they can only be dropped instead of rolled.

This isn't what we asked for, we asked to increase drop chances and fix the weighting.

Wrong. bex said all large will have 2 jewel sockets (maybe only those above a certain ilvl the same as 2 sockets before).

Drop rates are fine. This isn't supposed to be delirium league where you get them all the time.

more expensive? Do you know how much currency on average you need to get 3 uncommon or rarer notables + 2 sockets before? Especailly after teh nerfs to the weighting on those uncommon and rare rolls? It was INSANE, on average.
Awesome thinking GGG! Great!
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Sounds interesting, but also worrying in how it will unfold. Fingers crossed, it goes well.
from d2 frozen orb to winter orb
waw :D
this is great cause it means we'll finally actually be able to get those added bonuses for large cluster jewels now instead of all 4 affixes taken up by notables!
The current state of cluster jewels meant that I wasn't even considering building around them. This is a positive change and I'm glad for it, but it remains to be seen how it will turn out.
hopefully some of the snowflakes will stop crying now. though to be honest there wasn't anything hard about rolling a good one. especially in delerium.

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