Upcoming Changes to Cluster Jewels

Since Harvest launched we've received a lot of feedback about the accessibility of Cluster Jewels in their current implementation. We've taken some time to read through this feedback and look at the data on how they're being used in-game. We want to make it easier to start socketing Cluster Jewels into your builds, so we are looking to make some changes that we're aiming to deploy with our 3.11.1 patch next week.

At the moment it's too difficult to get a Cluster Jewel that is usable for your build. However, during the Delirium League it was far too easy to get a 'perfect' Cluster Jewel. Because of the potential power of these Jewels, we want it to be challenging to roll a perfect Jewel. However, Large and Medium Cluster Jewels are currently too expensive to get into even a medium state where it's worth using them over existing passives on the tree - even in a league where you can reroll them very frequently using Harvest crafts.

To improve this situation, we're making a significant change to Medium and Large Cluster Jewels. The plan is that any new Medium and Large Cluster Jewels will come with an additional enchantment that states they have one Jewel socket and two Jewel sockets respectively. The Jewel socket modifiers will no longer be rollable suffixes. As a result of this, the chance for rolling notables will be slightly increased. This change also means that although having three notables is the optimal outcome, having two notables will always be useful as you'll be pathing through them to get to the sockets.

Existing items won't be affected so this won't change your tree when it goes live but if you trade an old Medium or Large Cluster Jewel to a vendor, they'll give you back a new version with the new Jewel socket enchantment and with any existing Jewel sockets removed. This means that existing jewels would then have space for an additional modifier. We've implemented it this way to prevent the technical problems associated with changing socket numbers on already-socketed cluster jewels.

We will be continuing to iterate on this plan before its deployment so some parts of this are subject to change but we agree that Cluster Jewels aren't in the spot that we'd like them to be. Thank you for your continued feedback.
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