Upcoming Changes to Cluster Jewels

ggg buff league with more seeds much more and make easy drop t2-t3 tier seeds pls!
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how much longer till patch release?
chaotix1 wrote:
bigtoaster64 wrote:
chaotix1 wrote:
So, in general, it's just another layer of rng added to cluster jewels with a very slight improvement to roll notables which in the end makes it even worse for SSF or anyone who doesn't trade. First, you need to spawn delirium (for which base chance is pretty much non-existent), then hope for cluster jewel drop to be large, 8-9 passives, the one type you need and now even 2 jewel sockets on top of that. I at least hope that weightings will be increased also, some of the weightings are just stupidly low.

From what I understand, Large Cluster Jewels (ilvl 75+) will drop WITH 2 sockets and (< 75) with one socket, and not RNG based (like right now). Same for medium ones, but with on one socket only. If that is correct, they actually removed a layer of rng from it.

Nowhere in the post, it says that it will work like that, so I bet it won't, remember that the game is balanced towards streamers and people who nolife this game 8+ hours every day.

Let me draw this for you.

\The Jewel socket modifiers will no longer be rollable suffixes. \
Eclypsons wrote:
SuperDrop wrote:
:D ggg makes fun of theyr players again and again. bring nice jewels in game and next league hammer them so hard people litteraly point middle finger at this game and leave. and then with utter disqusting league wich im bored of alreadu. and ofc unrollable cluster jewels, i quess ggg shows thery middle finger back at us.

You don't like leave why you play? Cluster jewels could have been just removed instead of becoming core so stop complaining.

Do you really think after that hard work creating so many Passive Skills with Cluster Jewels they didn´t plan to make it core? It was 100% sure they were going to. Only question was how they are doing it.
Probably won't be enough of a change, notables with extremely low weightings are ridiculously expensive to roll, running simulations for large cluster in craft of exile, only targeting 2 wanted notables and no sockets to simulate the patch, results in 1 jewel every 3330 attempts in average...
This league is atrocious. Yeah the way ggg handles cluster jewels sucks, cuz it's pretty much impossible to get good jewels unless you have a lot of currency and guess what in harvest everyone is poor (Unless you're buying crafts off of people and crafting mirror tier items by going through that hustle, but let's be honest 99% of players are not doing that shit).
Anyways, meaningless change, no one cares since it's just the second week and most of the players are gone lol.
So instead of making delirium more accessible, make jewels easier to craft??

I am sad rip my favorite league mechanic, i get to play maybe once every 20 maps if im lucky.
1.When u go into harvest you cant use stacked items while crafting. Thats why you have to go back to hideout and remove the stacks, so annoying.
2. Harvest crafting normal or magic item from stash, do i have to carry scourging in my inventory all day long? Thats so annoying either.
3. Seeds are not even close to be enough the drop amount.
4. Augment a stat harvest soooooooooooooooo rare fix it.
5. There has to be something that should make me do harvest more often, i dont even enter into my harvest twice a day, am i playing on standart or in league. I feel like i am playing on standart.
6 If there is no extra loot from league mechanic, you need to make that league crafting much much much much more than this, feels like there isnt actualy a league here...
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what will be the criteria for Large Cluster to roll with 1 or 2 jewel sockets?

I hope that every Large Cluster that has the appropriate Ilvl will roll 100% with 2 sockets. if this is not the case let me know so i finish my crafting now.. don't want to have spend 3ex on a Cluster that i can then throw away..

This change also means that although having three notables is the optimal outcome, having two notables will always be useful as you'll be pathing through them to get to the sockets.

Does this mean that Large Cluster with 8 passives and 2 Notables will have those Notables right and left from the starting point on the way to the jewel socket?

Coz it isn't like that and the patch is already up...

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