Upcoming Changes to Cluster Jewels

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bigtoaster64 wrote:
chaotix1 wrote:
So, in general, it's just another layer of rng added to cluster jewels with a very slight improvement to roll notables which in the end makes it even worse for SSF or anyone who doesn't trade. First, you need to spawn delirium (for which base chance is pretty much non-existent), then hope for cluster jewel drop to be large, 8-9 passives, the one type you need and now even 2 jewel sockets on top of that. I at least hope that weightings will be increased also, some of the weightings are just stupidly low.

From what I understand, Large Cluster Jewels (ilvl 75+) will drop WITH 2 sockets and (< 75) with one socket, and not RNG based (like right now). Same for medium ones, but with on one socket only. If that is correct, they actually removed a layer of rng from it.

Nowhere in the post, it says that it will work like that, so I bet it won't, remember that the game is balanced towards streamers and people who nolife this game 8+ hours every day.
This patch is for harvest only or standard as well?
TLDR: Hope this isn't RNG but it's a step in the right direction.

I think this is a step in the right direction but I don't like that the quality of the cluster jewel is now determined the instant it drops rather than by the player. I agree that clusters were WAY too easy to get respective to their power last league, and far to hard for it this league, but this change makes it so that no matter how much currency I put into making a good cluster (either in SSF or trade leagues) there will always be 2 quality of cluster jewels for larges; the good 2 sockets and to less good 1 socket ones. I hope that this drop isn't RNG-based and is instead based on area level (red or mid-yellow maps for 2 jewels, 1 jewel from start of maps to the cutoff for 2 jewels) as this would make it much better and take away most of the problem I voiced at the start.

Love your game GGG, keep up the great work!
That is good news Bex. Just last night i was attempting to make a cluster I could just use and I came to the conclusion it would be much easier, in just about every way, to just forget the cluster and go with the old tree. It felt bad to think this way but there was no other path for a middle class player. Until now. Thanks dudes.
cant wait, been holding off rolling the jewels since wasted all alterations and no result.
Can I get all my Alts, Regals, and Scour Orbs back?
Hi sorry if this was already answered but theres like 16 pages of replies....

is the "vendoring" of old cluster jewels to new going to reroll the jewel, or will it keep the same notables after ?
koopk1 wrote:
Hi sorry if this was already answered but theres like 16 pages of replies....

is the "vendoring" of old cluster jewels to new going to reroll the jewel, or will it keep the same notables after ?

nobody knows until GGG formally announces it, then changes it when releasing it without telling us they are changing it.
Cool, but how about making them available from more than just Delirium? How about a Harvest craft that is like the divination trade where you trade a regular jewel for a cluster jewel of the same rarity? Or have Harvest monsters themselves having a decent chance to drop them.

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