Upcoming Changes to Cluster Jewels

Oh yesss :]
Good! now pls buff their drop chances, lvl 93 / A7 and had like 3 delirium mirrors in maps.
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This is great! Thanks for you guys doing such quick work! The league feels so much better already and now cluster jewels will feel better too.

I hope this means any and all above 75 have the 2 jewel enchant and not just another layer of RNG on the drop like the passive skills points are now.
It's sad to see how some players got spoiled last league, with how easy it was to craft good/ perfect jewels...

and now they dont see the options of harvest crafting on cluster jewels... it is actually quite ironic to see how people complain THIS LEAGUE to get a good jewel... but whatever...

And a small reminder to those who think it is too hard to craft a good cluster jewel this league... How easy is it to craft a perfect item? ;)
People cant just expect to have the very perfect gear without proper investment...
Initially was dreading reading this after thinking "oh look, Reddit whining has succeeded in wrecking an item chase, turning good clusters into another Atziri's Promise style set-and-forget item slot"

Then looked into the details and... this actually looks fine.

Getting one of the top rare mods, plus 2 sockets, plus two 'bad' mods is going to be easy now. e.g. Devastator + 2 sockets + 'smalls grant 3% lightning resist' + some other weak mod. Harvest crafts will let that be empowered further.

But top end ones will actually remain meaningfully better than that, and we won't have perfect cluster jewels in SSF by level 90 like in Delirium.
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Sound good! Thanks GGG.
Amazing change. Cluster jewels add so much to character customization.
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So if i have a good 2 socket jewel now and vendor it what happens ?

Or are the people who bought these just stuck with old version ?
The plan is that any new Medium and Large Cluster Jewels will come with an additional enchantment that states they have one Jewel socket and two Jewel sockets respectively. The Jewel socket modifiers will no longer be rollable suffixes

So no changes about the drop rates at all ?

Now 2 socket jewels will be even more expensive since they can only be dropped instead of rolled.

This isn't what we asked for, we asked to increase drop chances and fix the weighting.

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