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Nice!, having a lot more seeds drop is what we needed. I think that high tier maps should be able to drop t2 seeds with small probability of dropping t3. But let's see how increasing the drops of t1 goes.
More seeds in high lvl maps? SIGN ME UP.

All the other stuff sounds great as well.
The colours of growth meters on plants have been improved so that it's easier for colourblind players to differentiate between Wild and Primal plants. We are also investigating changing the UI artwork of these so that you can tell the difference more easily without relying on colour.

A colorblind player thanks you.
Increased the number of seeds that drop in maps, particularly mid-tier and rarer seeds. You now receive a lot more seeds from the highest-tier maps.

Yeah no... t16 = 10 seeds also T2 aren't buffed enough to make an appearance in a total of 260 T1 Seeds from maps that you nearly can't sustain because the map drops is also horrible from forever.

First make the seeds T1 drop by a lot (make the time worth to plant LIMITED space plots, wait 4 cycles and kill trash mobs that don't drop anything to get like 2 o 3 T2 Seeds) cut in half the bench lifeforce, make the seeds grow automatically every time you change a map not only when you talk with the seed node in the map... also put mobs or something that drop seeds too is too boring play a standard league with zero things to do in maps.

Call me when all the GGG team lose the fear to people get overpowered via crafts, mechanics, etc. in the meantime stop doing leagues if all of you are afraid that every player get overpowered (is a crafting league what do you expect?).
[quote="Orbaal"][b][u]This is a PvE game, not PvP.[/u][/b][/quote]
Please never again introduce a league in which players cannot interact with the league mechanics while doing maps.
New crafting options are good,but there is no goal at this league.
We craft our gear for what? To do the normal content we could do without the need for new ways of crafting?
any trade improvements to combat scammers?
Just one more map
What about the future of bloom and post processing though?

There are many threads and many people disappointed with this feature and it's strain on eyes. Also the general feeling of new "cosmetic" looks is meh.

Where is the info and plans regarding this?
Memory usage seems to be OK?

Say HI to useless forced Bloom though:D.
And also say hi to crashes to desktop with no error...
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Seeds still drop only for the map owner... like the watchstones...

Why not disable group play for all ?

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