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need more seeds and fix crafts pls
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Seven day into the league, and that's all I can take. Why make dispersers? Why make storage containers? You could have easily just had pylons + different tiers of life collectors that store increasing amounts of life force. Then make T1-T4 life collectors that can grow different tiers of seeds. This would make instant planting for all tiers, and gardens wouldn't have 1200 pylons and dispersers. Where is the instant store button for loot you already have of that type? Been storing stuff for years its just a bad game mechanic to have. Where is the in game auction house OR some type of trade system. Where is the in game booklet for prefixes and suffixes? Where the in game booklet for every league mechanic that helps you out like one for immortal syndicate that needs 3 websites just to find out all the information needed? You just ignore a lot of important problems, and then you want me to buy 3 stash tabs that should have been implemented for free in my existing tabs. blighted maps? you mean a sub-tab in my map tab that stores blighted maps... where is it I'm still waiting? Delirium tab is a joke add the splinters to my FRAGMENT tab they have a spot. Catalysts should be sold to vendor till you get the TWO that actually sell for currency you should never have more than 10 of each anyway again waste of a tab. The orbs... the orbs.... who needs more than like 10-20 slots to store those? just buy a normal tab you will have more room for useful items. Why is the games framerate just bad this league. What did you do? No frame rate dips like this last league. Ill just wait for PoE 2.0 and if im not feeling it Diab it is.
Any news about making it so the crafts you see are not tied to accounts?

For some reason, the only add/remove I get is cold (99% of the time), while I've heard others have the same problem with lightning, or chaos, etc.
I really disappointed "boss vine walls bug".
I knew the bug.
But, there was prize event so I continued playing and got bug :(
I wanted GGG to do better for event.
donion wrote:

the worst league ever for me:

It is certainly one of the most boring and slow char levelling ones till you reach yellow maps. In earlier leagues, the mechanic allowed currency drops which are now compensated for with the harvest crafting. So you are forced to tend to your farmville minigame in order to get the crafting.


- not sustainable maps

Isn't that the problem of any league? At least if you're not able to plough through red tier maps?


p.s. get the fcuking stash into the grove...jesus

I'd like to see that as well but it'll never happen, since you'd be able to dump your loot without using up the portals.
How is it that standard has to endure all the nerfs to skill gems, skill tree, and ascendancies every new league, just that said league can have the new shit that is so well balanced, that it has to be adjusted mid-league?
Why not include seeds in the trade site?

Many are posting in the chats anyway. It's extra spam if you ask me.
Shitty league

No support packs bought this league, maybe /Next
love this league!
The league bleeds players and still no fixes or any words from GGG staff...
[quote="Orbaal"][b][u]This is a PvE game, not PvP.[/u][/b][/quote]

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