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What about the option to disable bloom?
Would it be at all possible to sort the seeds within each tab by level?
All leagues should involve a) ramping up your toon b) finding harder mobs and then c) incrementally fighting and defeating them.

Mini-games that have no differentiating factor from standard should never be a game mechanic, ever.
Plase add stash in garden >.< Always have tons of seeds in my trash tab...
I hope u will reduce the amount of maps that need to spawn final Harvest boss. The 100 maps is too much.
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nice :D !
Bex, I think this is the first time I saw your Signature bar, and I have one question. If you are the Head Community Manager, does that make Natalia the Torso Community Manager?
IGN: Noshei or Silvannn
These all sound prety good, I already enjoy harvest for what it is, but I welcome more complexity to my fruit-factorio.

However, I can not understate how much tab affinity is needed ASAP. Chris already said we were going to get in game flask macros in response to reddit getting angry over them, but nothing came of that.

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