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Keep it up guys!
You can drop 1 billion seeds pro map and this league still would be garbage.
I want to kill mobs, not connect sprinklers.
Harvest is the worst league in this game.
I'm playing PoE since 2012.
Well done!
The greatest tragedy in life is wasted talent.!
And remember exiles, good loot it's a illusion.
Can u add Cluster jewels to the game plz.
Increased the number of seeds that drop in maps, particularly mid-tier and rarer seeds. You now receive a lot more seeds from the highest-tier maps.

IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214
What a bunch of crap changes and not understanding what we dont like about the league.

Nice seeing you improving the game.
Would love it if you could come up with better team-play possibilities.
It's sad that it's anti synergy to play with one or more friends. Also i couldn't believe you can't come up with a system that is robust vs exploitation and instead just disable useful party play completely.
Hope someone has it on their list.
So do you lads just not play your own game anymore or whats up with this league

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