The Future of Stash Tabs

While working on tab features, I would love to be able to trade my quad tab for four normal tabs for a small fee.

I think a much larger number of people would love to be able to exchange their normal tabs for quad tabs (maybe five for one or four plus small cost for one type thing).
Kagari wrote:
A much needed change, but i fear it's not enough to stop the micro managing issue that is getting out of hand.
So many things are dropping for such a small inventory, and it's getting worse every league.

We spend so much time not killing stuff but rather having to pick up crums constantly only to have to sort everything after a 2 mins map that i hope a rather massive change is coming.

This really nails it perfectly - well said.
You know what would make me happy is being able to convert an existing premium tab into one of these league tabs.

They're the same price and I have a shitload of tabs (not as many as some nutters out there though).
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This is definitely bad optics. Did this really needed to be 3 tabs? It's obvious that more than the actual tabs being the issue, is the GLARING warning that future content will be done to justify a new tab per league first, fun and balance a distant second. You say you don't want a Currency 2 tab, but you come out with 3 new tabs out of the blue. At that point a Currency 2 tab is the better option. This could've been done with existing tabs but instead you come out with THREE HIGHLY SPECIALIZED ONES.

Doesn't make sense. It's pure greed. You already have pretty expensive cosmetics, packs and LOOTBOXES. And now you are doubling down on the per league tab requirement and your justification is that you don't want another currency tab.

DOES NOT ADD UP. Very disappointed in GGG ATM. Don't know if I can still play and support the game the way it is going.
Diskonekted wrote:
I'll believe it when I see it. Just like the "trade improvements" that have NEVER happened even though you went on about it for years. I used to buy every supporter pack that came and now I just can't be bothered. Your monetization sucks between constant arbitrary new stash tabs, very expensive cosmetics, and loot boxes your colors truly show.

errmmm...agree...kinda very expensive..u buy the wing and body armor, its like u buy a new game..yet, the game play still stutter so worse..i can't brain this.
I only loot 4 delirium since the start of the league (already level 94)

GGG is just thieve providing that new useless tab (that could be done in one) and im the first too buy because this game is so bad UI design is there any way to improve i would buy ... so weak
Tab affinities would really be dope, or a button that auto sorts stuff in a quad tab for example, to go to appropriate tabs. Big QoL that I would pay for over any MTX lol
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Actually scrolling through all the specialized tabs to choose where what loot should go to is inconvenient. Storing all delirium / oils / metamorph items in one normal tab is a better solution for now.
thanks for the tabs at all. stay cool in these trying times.
I can't help but wonder if all the tabs we buy for PoE will be relevant for PoE 2 (4.0). I do remember Chris saying that we get to keep all the mtx we purchased when PoE 2 launches, but will there be metamorph of delirium or Delve in PoE 2 aswell? If not, what will happen to those purchased tabs? Turn into generic premius Tabs?

I would love some clarification on that.
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