Issues With Vulkan Beta

game unplayable windows 7 , cant run vulkan not supported by my graphics card , same like every one , no textures
I'm running on a laptop that I bought refurb in 2012. Like a racist planet in Star Trek, there's no Vulkan here.

Also, lots of textures are missing, but I kinda like it because it reminds me a bit of Torchlight 2.

I don't know I'd go so far as to call it unplayable except to be mean-spirited. I've been playing just fine, even with all the "omg omg am I doing this right" new league mechanic anxiety.

Oh, and thanks for making the Malice pack weapon skin apply to both weapons when dual wielding. Looks bawss, as dey say up nawuff. Lets me pretend my Templar is a Sith or something. Because I cannot be geeky enough, it seems.

Yeah, summer makes me miss the northeast. Can ya tell? ;p
nvidia driver up to date ( so there's no means of updating vulkan driver ). stuttering in the city with lots of people as well as when outside fighting lots of enemies. before harvest it worked perfectly fine.

also lots of missing textures / whole models seem to not be there.
I hope you guys can fix this rather quickly. The missing textures yeah blow but you can still play the game until you keep coming across invisible enemies which is kinda difficult at times. Please keep us updated Bex
Someone want to explain the vulkan driver update thing? Go into device manager.. ok... but what then? Where do i even ? Isnt the vulkan drivers packaged with the nvidia and amd drivers? Can you even update vulkan by itself?
Is this why I crashed, got a corrupted GGPK, leaving me to have to delete it and redownload waiting 2 hours?
Updated my graphics drivers after having textures blank out sporadically.

Running into issues with random crashing.
I didn't even know there were drivers for Vulkan. Thought it was just some new thing for the client. Guess I should go look into that, huh...

Edit: Okay, so, no mention of Vulkan anywhere in my system. Does that mean I shouldn't be using the Vulkan Beta or what? >.>
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randomly works again for me.
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