Issues With Vulkan Beta

why isnt this graphic hazy mess fixed yet..... why is all the color drained out of the game?
Shitysushi(primary char) - Arrow shooting build.
you need to have drivers for vulkan ? xD do i need vidocard too?? lol
I have the latest Vulkan drivers - and I still have issues playing Windowed fullscreen
Missing textures and some voice acting (Piety's "Damn you!"). I seemed to be progresing while I play as if the client had Alzheimer's but might be just perception trick.
Yes 100% to all the complaints I read--performance could be really terrible on DX11, but Vulkan ended up being even worse the longer it ran, to the point of regularly crashing the game when trying to return back to my hideout after a few hours of gameplay. Switched back to DX11 to make it playable, updated my drivers (derp), switched back to Vulkan, and now it's better than it was but still nothing like the godsend I was hoping for.

Please HALP

I have no performance issues with Vulkan whatsoever, but invisible saws in lab all over the place now. And Chests, Doors, NPCs.

DX isnt running well for me on linux, stuttering to hell. But these invisible issues are obviously for a lot of people on DX11 as well, so not an exclusive Vulkan issue I guess.

I have tried a lot to get this invisble issues fixed, removed shader, downloaded content.ggpk again, changed graphic settings, nothing seems to help over time. A restart of the client sometimes get rid of it for some time, but some scene reloads and same things get invisible again. I'm also on the most current vulkan release for my distribution.

I played the game the whole last week and all was working totally fine until 3.11.

Can't do merc lab on HC right now, won't do it with invisible saws.

I can deal with invisible chests and such but invisible saws? If this isn't fixed soon, I'm out - sorry. But this ruins the fun completely. :-(
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I wasn't able to locate any mention of Vulkan within any section of the device manager. More detailed instructions are required. offers download options of Vulkan 1.2 for Windows 7 and 8, Windows 10 and 10 DCH, as well as Linux. Confirmation or correction of these options being appropriate would be appreciated.
After the lasts updates, for me the game only works perfectly on Vulkan. DirectX11 dosen't allow the game to go on windowed mode or bordeless.

Notebook acer xv5 core i5
Nvidia Geforce 1050ti.
Win 10
far more missing textures (ground, attack animation, mobs ...) with vulkan than with DX. With conquerors it was painfull to be OS because of it.

Still, every league you add some graphical effects that we dont care about, specailly within a battle and it make it worse for our computers. Except you have some money coming from hardware firms, what the point not desactivating all of those effects 1 sec after we start moving in game ? And been able to desactivate all of those would be nice too, because some channeling build won't like it either. here's my life with a ryzen 5 1500X / RX580 GPU / nVME SSD / optic fiber internet access ...
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Just wanted to give an update.

Although a lot less common, the game still crashes in town areas. Sometimes but not always it seems to be triggered by opening a vendor window or a stash and trying to move things.

Also there is in both cases missing textures and occasional white flashes, but the game is still playable.

If the crashes can get ironed out, this will be a lot better.

However I will say game playing overall felt smoother 2 leagues ago (I skipped delirium).

Not getting the random slow downs but instead the game feels very choppy at times.

I know Vulkan is a work in progress and I'm willing to live with it for now but please keep at it and get things working well please.

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