Issues With Vulkan Beta

btw dx11 looks weird but i see why
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ı lost texture alot. my rush ıs rıp atm :/
Windows 7. AMD Radeon HD6570. DirectX 11. The game is unplayable. Textures are missing all over the place. I've never had this issue. Vulkan is grayed out so I'm gonna guess my graphics card doesn't support it.
Game is unplayable. DX11 missing heavy amount of textures
Vulkan has textures missing and flickering in and out of existence. Cant play with it. Tried switching back top 11 and it causes the game client to crash. Guess I have to wait until its resolved :/
i turned Vulkan on and my game froze and when i restarted its now just a black screen with sound and the cursor. not a good start to the league :(
Other than some loss of textures on the big stone guys it's been perhaps the smoothest launch I've played, I'm running everything on max though so that might be why
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Edit : After updating my Nvidia drivers too
(via nvidia geforce experience center)
everything wokrs perfect now.

Updating the vulkan renderer actually made it worse.
now i dont have any ui ingame.
not even options etc.

trying to revert the patch i installed for vulkan rn
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Missing a lot of texture using Directx11 as well. Vulkan has no missing textures and runs fine, until it crashes to desktop.
Windows 7, GTX760.
LOL! Another league start and another beta-PoE. No surprise that Vulkan Beta doesn't work correctly. HELLO!... it's Beta. Couple that with the Harvest League beta release and it's 2 strikes against PoE playing properly right out of the gate.
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