Issues With Vulkan Beta

Path of Exile: Harvest is now live and we've noticed a few users who are participating in the Vulkan Beta are experiencing issues that may be resolved by updating their Vulkan Drivers.

To update your drivers, please go into your Device Manager. If the issues persist for you, please turn off Vulkan while we resolve these issues. We will continue monitoring these issues and your detailed reports are much appreciated.

We've also noted that some DX11 users have missing textures. We're looking into this now.
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Grinding Gear Games
Thank you! I was worried for a bit that it's on my end.
All drivers updated here.

Gsync used to recognize PoE in borderless mode with Vulkan ON, which didn't work before Vulkan.
Now, GSync doesn't recognize PoE (with Vulkan ON) anymore. It seems to not activate properly.

This also is shown when using overlays like PoE-Overlay. Before the patch (today), when you used an overlay the game stopped being the active window and instead the overlay became the active window. When you closed the overlay, you could see in taskbar that PoE became the active window again.
That isn't the case anymore.

I think it's an issue with Vulkan registering as active window or some sort. Problem should be easy to reproduce with PoE-OVerlay or any other overlay.
Thank you, I did notice I wasn't loading textures and it made me go WTF and take screenshots just in case. Glad to see you at least know about it. At first I thought it was just my compy having issues because I had BaeClast up while in queue (and I only have 4 gigs RAM) so textures just weren't loading, but the issue persisted after closing Chrome and rebooting my system and all that.
I'm on the first page because I'm stuck at work while everyone is busy playing!
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Yes, i don't have vulkan, but still missing a lot of texture with Dx11...
It is not playable
DX11 is missing a lot of texturing, runs fine but unplayable cause of how it looks.

Vulkan is overloading my GPU on lowest settings, also unplayable.

:( Hopefully you guys put out the patch for this soon.
dx11. plays fine but missing so many textures its unplayable . cant render in the base of the map..
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